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Intended for use:

  • in field and extreme conditions;
  • for prevention and elimination of trench syndrome;
  • at long transitions;
  • when there is not enough time and comfort;

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Foam sponge (12×20 cm) – 1pc
Towel – 1pc


Now also with WATER

  • for general body hygiene;
  • use on dry or watery skin;
  • without irritation and allergic reactions;
  • does not leave soapy marks and sticky feelings;
  • there is a sachet with 50 ml of water for a full field shower procedure inside of pack.

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Foam Sponge (12х20 cm) – 1pc
Towel – 1pc
Sucks with water 50 ml



  • releases from sensations of dry and tightened skin after chlorinated and salted water;
  • after sport activities;
  • when there’s no hot water.

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Foam Sponge (12х20 cm) – 1pc
Without a towel



  • for tourists, during hikes and trips;
  • in the out-of-doors;
  • for active recreation;
  • as a universal compact shower.

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Foam Sponge (12х20 см) – 1pc
Towel – 1pc


Intended for use:

  • saves time and energy in the constant care of bed patients;
  • is intended for using in hospitals when there’re no proper conditions;
  • budget-friendly package for frequent use.

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Foam Sponge (12×20 cm) – 10pc
Without a towel


Where? Picnic, train, car.
When? Home improvement, cleaning of weapons, fishing, mushroom hunting– removes dirt and bad smell.
Hand hygiene and legs in any situation, even if none of the listed is yours.
The most compact and easy-to-use format.

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Foam Sponge (6×6 cm) – 1pc
Towel – 1pc

9 advantages of a foam sponge:

Affordable price
Has no age restrictions
Foam doesn’t have to be washed off with water
Compact and easy to use
Have a long date of expiry
Is suitable for all skin types
Purifies the skin and leaves a feeling of freshness
Doesn’t cause irritation and allergic reaction
Doesn’t freeze when it’s cold and doesn’t dry out when it’s hot

Minimum of water – maximum of cleanness!

1. Wet the sponge with 50 ml of water
Wet the sponge with 50 ml of water
2. Foam Sponge
Foam Sponge
3. Lather the body
Lather the body
4. Wipe or rinse with water
Wipe or rinse with water

Video user guide

For people who love comfort in any condition

Make your choice in each situation


Finishing endorphins appears after a successful jogging.
What to do if there is no shower and soap near, but you need to have a wash, change clothes and get into your car?

Heavy loads

You don’t always have shampoo, shower gel, towel and sponge on you. But dirty body affords great discomfort.


People think about hygiene in the field at the last moment.
But you can’t solve the problem only by using wet wipes.


Nursing care has never been so simple.


It would be ideal to take a daily shower with hot water and soap, but this is not possible, and the purity of the body is the first defense against microbes.


When you go on fishing for at least a day, you will always need to refresh your body.

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  1. Full prepayment on the Privatbank card.
  2. Payment forward.

Delivery is carried by transport companies only.

Pharmacy chains

“Socar” filling station chain

Shops of “Epicenter” retail chain

Tourism and equipment shops

The sponge is designed and manufactured in Spain.

A disposable foam sponge can not be compared with wet wipes, it is an alternative to a normal shower.

The safety of sponges is confirmed by quality certificates in accordance with the standards of Ukraine and the European Union.

Twist the sponge, put in a package, tightly roll and bring to the garbage collection site.

  • Mini – 3 g.
  • Universal – 8 g.
  • Home&Travel – 16 g.
  • Military – 16 g.
  • Military + water – 50 g.
  • Medical – 40 g.

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The company’s products have passed state certification and have been tested by professional dermatologists. The quality of products is confirmed by the relevant documents – the findings of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise.