Disposable foam sponge

  • 20 грн


    20 грн


    • for tourists, during hikes and trips;
    • in the out-of-doors;
    • for active recreation;
    • as a universal compact shower.
  • 105 грн


    105 грн

    Intended for use:

    • saves time and energy in the constant care of bed patients;
    • is intended for using in hospitals when there’re no proper conditions;
    • budget-friendly package for frequent use.
  • 20 грн


    20 грн

    Intended for use:

    • in field and extreme conditions;
    • for prevention and elimination of trench syndrome;
    • at long transitions;
    • when there is not enough time and comfort;
  • 10 грн


    10 грн

    Where? Picnic, train, car.
    When? Home improvement, cleaning of weapons, fishing, mushroom hunting– removes dirt and bad smell.
    Hand hygiene and legs in any situation, even if none of the listed is yours.
    The most compact and easy-to-use format.

  • 25 грн


    25 грн

    Now also with WATER

    • for general body hygiene;
    • use on dry or watery skin;
    • without irritation and allergic reactions;
    • does not leave soapy marks and sticky feelings;
    • there is a sachet with 50 ml of water for a full field shower procedure inside of pack.
  • 16 грн


    16 грн


    • releases from sensations of dry and tightened skin after chlorinated and salted water;
    • after sport activities;
    • when there’s no hot water.