Tourists, the military and volunteers who collect household items for the defenders at the front line, as well as people who care for and take care of bedridden relatives who are physically challenged or can get up, but it is very physically difficult, are interested in buying a dry shower. Efficiency and comfort are guaranteed in various conditions of use, especially when there are no other options to fully perform hygiene procedures due to the following aspects

  • lack of a shower, bath or sauna;
  • there is not enough water or utensils to heat it;
  • the patient is unable to move independently.

Disposable dry shower and its basic advantages

Products, including those of Ukrainian brands with a positive reputation, ensure regular maintenance of cleanliness and body hygiene, which is important to avoid the spread of infections, bacteria, activation of inflammatory processes, or even tissue necrosis. Speaking about the significant positive factors of this product, it is worth highlighting the following

  • Ease of use: just open the package, take out a sponge or towel, pour a small amount of water on the sponge and start hygiene procedures;
  • comfort - by adjusting the temperature of the sponge water, you can create the right conditions for bathing;
  • safety - the soap solution soaked in the sponge does not dry or irritate the epidermis, is suitable for dry, sensitive, oily skin and can be used to provide delicate care for intimate areas.

In addition to the feedback from customers who have already bought and constantly use proven high-quality dry showers, there are other positive arguments for buying the product for yourself:

  • It takes only 50 ml to create a thick, active foam;
  • thanks to the available towel, you can easily wipe off the foam from your body parts to put on clean clothes right away;
  • providing individuality - one package is designed for one person, and if possible and desired, you can use two or more, for example, separately for the torso, legs, arms;
  • quick removal of dirt, sweat, and unpleasant odors on the body.

It is also worth emphasizing that the active detergent solution does not form a greasy residue, does not clog pores, so it is possible to ensure stable air exchange, normal pH and epidermal microflora. You can use a disposable dry shower for hygiene sessions for children and adults all year round, even when it's not too hot.

Field shower and its disadvantages

Along with the positive characteristics of the product and its affordable price, there are certain negative aspects that do not critically affect the popularity of the product. The following are among them:

  • It should not be used all the time, avoiding full-fledged water procedures, in particular, when it comes to caring for a patient with limited mobility who is at risk of pressure ulcers and tissue necrosis.
  • It is not always possible to get the fullest possible feeling of freshness, as, for example, after a bath or a classic running shower.
  • In the case of extremely sensitive skin, allergic reactions (redness, irritation) may occur, but these are very rare and they pass quickly.

As you can see, there are many more advantages than disadvantages of a travel shower, so it is constantly ordered, with an emphasis on wholesale parties.

Disposable shower for the whole body - indispensable for different life situations

It is important that the package is compact, lightweight, and therefore will not be felt in a backpack on your shoulders or in hand luggage carried on board an airplane. With the product at hand, you can easily wash your child, for example, at a gas station during a long trip or in a train car hygiene room, and you can also enjoy the cleanliness of such conditions yourself. A significant advantage is the reasonable price of the set, which includes a sponge and a towel to wipe off the foam from the skin.