A person can survive a week in the field without a hot shower and complex spa treatments. However, there is one "but": no one wants to suffer while going on a long journey. Tourists go for nature, thrills, and new friends, not to endure unpleasant odors in the tent after a long hike. That's why you should pay attention to such hygiene products as a disposable shower. These products do not weigh down your backpack and take up very little space. The main advantage is quick hygiene with minimal water usage.

Field shower - advantages and characteristics

Just a couple of drops of water and you have a lather. For those who want to feel more fresh, foam sponges have been invented, which are covered with foam from a few drops of water. One sponge is enough for an adult's treatment.


  • lightweight and compact;
  • does not dry or irritate the skin;
  • does not require rinsing with water (the foam residue can be wiped off with a towel).

Cons: sponges are disposable, everyone knows about the rule that leaving garbage in a hike is unacceptable. Outdoor activities are attractive to tourists. After all, it is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the original beauty of nature, to merge with it, to become a part of it and at the same time to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When participating in a hike in the highlands (or in winter), where there is no possibility or desire to take water procedures, you can use alternative methods to maintain hygiene. For this purpose, you can use

  1. wet wipes or towels;
  2. chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide - these products clean better than wet wipes;
  3. A more modern option is a dry shower.

When going on a hike, there is always the question of what to take and what to refuse to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable, and to be able to maintain personal hygiene. A properly compiled list of necessary things will help to solve this problem. Contrary to popular belief, tourists are very clean. No one goes hiking dirty and sweaty unless they choose to, but such people do not deviate from their position in cities.

A person stays clean even while hiking. The shower is disposable, consisting of a sponge with a special disinfectant gel, a towel made of innovative material and fifty milliliters of water. This is all you need to take a shower, whether you are a military man or just a traveler.

Estem foam sponge - where to buy, prices and delivery methods

There are many varieties of foam sponges, but buyers choose domestic manufacturers. Estem products are fully certified and of good quality. You can choose and buy a dry shower for the military, travelers and other people online. Online stores always have a good assortment, and it is also possible to order goods with fast delivery to any region or city in Ukraine. It is worth paying attention to the price. It can depend on many factors: the quality of materials and raw materials, the brand and country of manufacture, and the contents of the package.

It is recommended to maintain personal hygiene in a hike with a modern alternative - a foam sponge. Its cost is affordable for everyone, and its use will bring not only a feeling of cleanliness but also comfort. A foam sponge is a salvation in the wild, for those who are accustomed to comfortable urban conditions but love outdoor activities. Foam sponges are superior to other care products in many aspects, which attracts the attention of many customers.