Planning a long trip or outdoor recreation, frequent business trips or conquering mountain peaks, or suddenly turning off the hot water for a long time. Do not worry. After all, there is a disposable shower - a sponge with a special disinfectant. Fifty milliliters of liquid - and the skin becomes pleasantly fresh and clean again. These kits and foam sponges were created for people who lead an active lifestyle, as well as to facilitate the military's stay in difficult conditions, far from civilization. Military hygiene was the primary reason for the production of high-quality dry showers.

Disposable foam sponge - main features and safety

An adult needs only one package of dry shower foam to feel as comfortable and clean as possible.

The entire line of foam sponges has its advantages:

  • good disinfectant properties;
  • good cleansing;
  • ease of use in any extreme conditions;
  • long-term storage;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • a complete replacement for a stationary shower.

Field shower - it can be used to get rid of any dirt. It requires minimal space and time to wash, which is very important for military personnel. A good alternative is a dry shower for tourists who like to hike and stay away from civilization for a long period of time and need hygiene products that take up very little space:

  1. 50 ml of liquid is required (included);
  2. works on any skin;
  3. contains a hypoallergenic agent;
  4. does not irritate the skin;
  5. does not require rinsing;
  6. does not leave unpleasant traces on the skin surface;
  7. takes up minimal space during transportation;
  8. requires minimum space and time for use;
  9. dimensions of the standard product: 17x13x2 cm10.
  10. The products are certified in Ukraine and recognized as sanitary safe.

Many modern hygiene products on the market have no restrictions on use. This applies to age - even small children can use the product, for example, when you are traveling with them in a train or car for a long time and there is no opportunity to take a proper shower. It is important that there is an indication of what type of skin the active foaming agent is suitable for. It will be advisable to find out in advance what customers who have already ordered and used the product say about a particular product. In the comments, you can find out about the following aspects: how quickly and well the sponge forms foam, how thoroughly and well dirt is removed, whether there are any unpleasant sensations after the procedures and, if so, what kind (dryness, burning, irritation).

Buy a dry shower for the military, prices and delivery methods

Safe tourism is not only about choosing the right route, but also about preparing all the things you need for your trip. You can always buy and choose a tourist shower in any store that sells hygiene or tourism products. It is worth paying attention to the Ukrainian manufacturer because it has proven itself well even in the European market. Hygiene products have all the quality certificates, are completely safe, and are made from the highest quality raw materials that have passed dermatological tests. As you can see, it is possible and necessary to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness. At the same time, it is worth minimizing self-care on the route by "brushing your feathers" as much as possible before the event - a hike or a military mission.

Everything that can be ordered online can also be quickly delivered to any region or city in Ukraine. Prices for dry showers vary, it all depends on the quality of the raw materials, packaging, brand, and content (configuration).