High-quality disposable foam sponge has become a demanded, popular and sometimes indispensable tool for hygiene procedures for adults and children. We are talking about conditions where there is no access to running water or the amount of clean liquid is limited, as well as no suitable conditions for a hygiene session: a warm shower stall; a bath or bathroom where you can pour warm water; constant access to clean water, conditions for its heating.

For a shower sponge to really bring results, you need to know the tips and apply them in practice. Let's talk about the most popular ones below.

Using a travel shower: tips on how to wash with a minimum amount of water

Take a sponge out of the open package and put it in a bowl with 50 ml of warm water. You can also pour clean liquid on top of a sponge soaked in dermatological gel, for example, from a metal cup heated over a fire or campfire.

Then you actively massage the product and a whipped thick, but at the same time delicate foam appears on it. Rub your body and wipe off the foam with a cloth or paper towel. The good thing is that there is no stickiness, no unpleasant greasy marks, and no uncomfortable feeling that the body is dirty. As a result, the epidermis is clean, with a light scent of freshness.

Let's add important tips for use.

  1. In order to preserve the delicate fragrance of the product as much as possible, the sachet is opened immediately before using the product. For the comfort of opening, there are special elements on the package, pulling on which is convenient to quickly open the package. If it is quite cool at the location, you should provide a warm place - by the fire, in a dugout, in a tent, and take off your clothes gradually: that is, take off the top, use a sponge, wipe yourself off, and put on clean clothes. We do the same with the bottom part.
  2. Be sure to use the included towel to remove the foam. It is worth using a branded towel, as wet wipes can cause dryness and disruption of air exchange, which ensures the formation of normal skin microflora. Please note that wet wipes are not as effective at removing various types of dirt, so a disposable shower is the best solution to cleanse the skin of dirt, sweat, and unpleasant odors.
  3. If necessary, heat a small volume of liquid, either in a cup or a kettle, and then pour it onto the sponge or dip it into a container with liquid. Immediately apply the ready-made foam, which appears during the massage movements of the sponge, to the upper layer of the epidermis and wash.
  4. The final step is to dry with a towel and change into clean clothes. Due to the fact that you can use the product in stages on the body, even when it is cold around, you will not freeze, and there will be no sharp contrast between the body temperature and the surrounding air.

Order a disposable full-body shower

The advantage is that during hygiene procedures, a person chooses the time that is enough for the body to become clean. Speaking of other additional benefits of the product, it is worth mentioning the massage effect. It is important for the following reasons

  • relieving tension from carrying a backpack for a long time, covering long distances;
  • activation of blood and lymph circulation, which is especially important if the person who is washing is less mobile.

The special packaging reliably stores the towel and the sponge itself, which has a soap impregnation, the composition of which meets the standards and norms for this type of product. The dermatological component allows you to cleanse the epidermis of dirt without creating an external film that harms natural air exchange, negatively affects the pH of the skin, provokes itching, tightness, and a feeling of incomplete cleansing.

Once the hygiene procedures are completed, the military shower is packaged in its own packaging and then simply thrown into the trash. It is strategically correct to order several at once, so that there is enough for full hygiene even in conditions of limited water and lack of hygiene facilities. A significant advantage is that after use, the skin is clean, moisturized and even protected due to the disinfectants (but not those that cause dryness) in the composition.