Compact and economical shower on a hike - an indispensable means of hygiene of the whole body when going to the mountains, forest, traveling other places where there is no opportunity to take a full bath, enjoy running warm water in the shower. At the same time, a proven solution disposable shower buy take and for other tasks related to constant hygiene and ensuring the cleanliness of the body. Next, let's talk about how to apply the kit, why it's a must-have for your home.

Estem foam sponge - a quick shower when there is no water available

Due to power outages, in many apartments, especially on the upper floors, water stops coming from the tap. Plus, it is quite problematic to heat the boiler, gas heater, you need to use pots to somehow prepare the bathroom. To help comes an individual package, which includes:-sponge with an active impregnation of soap, disinfectants that begin to act when a small amount of water (at least 50 ml);-spanleys towel to gently, delicately remove the foam from the top layer of the skin.

This is an ideal solution for evening, morning hygiene of a child, adult.

Buy a travel shower for traveling

If you plan a trip to the mountains, forest, or a long journey is planned in a train, car without stopping at hotels and campgrounds for overnight stays, you can not do without a compact set to maintain cleanliness, comfort of the body. Can be used not only for adults, but also for children. Parents often purchase a set, because when planning a long road trip with children, it is difficult to foresee, take with you the necessary supply of water, utensils to fully wash the baby after a day on the road before going to bed.

Bathing the bedridden patients together with a ready-made hygiene product

If there is a low-mobile person in the house, you are caring for a relative who is lying in the hospital, bedridden - a travel shower will help out not only from case to case, but on a regular basis. It is convenient to have several packages to carry out hygiene, when time is very limited, the patient is bad, no strength to get up to shower, or simply no water in the tap. Clean, well-groomed body, bactericidal effect will not take long.

Disposable shower washcloths for the dacha season

Not everyone has an equipped shower at the dacha, and if it is installed, you need to wait for the water to be heated in the tank for supply, and the temperature outside was comfortable for bathing. The issue is solved by a ready-made set - a washcloth soaked in soap solution and a special towel, thanks to which you can remove the foam, ensuring the cleanliness of the body. If you go to the dacha for the weekend, do not plan to make a shower in the house, install a summer option - this solution is indispensable, you will instantly like it after the first use.

Quality disposable washcloths for hygiene after an active sports activity

Not every gym can boast the presence of showers, water due to interruptions of pumping stations. Plus, the athlete may not have the time and desire to shower after training, for example, before work, but still want to remove sweat, unpleasant odor. This is also relevant for children after attending physical education classes, sports training. Ready-made set will perfectly eliminate dirt, sweat, bad odor, you can safely dress, and for example, go outside, where the cold air, because the body is not heated: there will be no sharp temperature contrast, which affects the potential cold, hypothermia of the body.

It is enough for the child to put a bag in the backpack, show the principle of use, and son/daughter will be able to do it independently. Parents will be calm: the child after training is clean, comfortable.

Dry showers are indispensable, it is worth ordering sets, solving problems:

  • Provide for a hygiene session in conditions where there is no centralized water supply.
  • Treat the body, provide proper care.
  • Solve the issue of bathing in situations of prolonged water shutdown, electricity, without which it is impossible to heat water to the right temperature.