When going on a long hiking trip, every traveler tends to take the most necessary things with them. This list may also include personal care products. The desire to be clean is a natural desire of every person. Cleanliness is primarily a physiological comfort, when you are dry, smell good, and your skin does not itch, then traveling or relaxing in nature brings more pleasure. It is impossible to organize conditions like in an apartment with a bath or shower, but there is a good solution to the issue of cleanliness - a dry shower, which is well suited not only for tourists, but also for the military who are in the field performing a particular task (living in a tent, trench or other unfavorable conditions).

Shower for the military - how to choose and the main advantages

Disposable shower for the military, what are its main advantages? This is a convenient sponge that is impregnated with a special gel. To take a shower, a soldier or a tourist needs only fifty milliliters of water. Then you just need to lather the sponge well, soap your body and wipe it with a towel. Such a shower for tourism is very well stored and easy to transport. Disposable showers are compact in size and light enough - this is a great advantage, especially for military personnel who already need to carry a lot of things with them. A travel shower can be useful in the following cases:

  • at home, when there is no water;
  • when hiking;
  • on long trips (by car, train or bus);
  • when used in military missions;
  • for bedridden patients who are unable to get up.

It is also worth highlighting the following advantages of this product.

Here are some of the characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing a disposable shower:

  • minimum amount of water required;
  • the possibility of using it every day;
  • use as a means of intimate hygiene;
  • possible skin reaction (no redness or dryness).

You can buy a dry shower for the military in the online store, its contents can be as follows:

  • a bag of water,
  • a sponge with a disinfectant solution (the composition of the hygiene product is good at unclogging dirt)
  • a towel (made of a special material used in medicine),
  • body cream.

Disposable full body shower is a product that is absolutely safe and does not cause allergic reactions. Estem products - the company uses only the best raw materials that meet all quality requirements and are fully certified. Foam sponge is a modern reality, in any conditions and anywhere.

Where to buy a travel shower, cost and purpose

Many travelers are quite practical people who are used to buying the most compact and easy-to-use things that they may need while traveling. The same goes for the military, they always take useful things with them, and they may not take up much space in a backpack. You can buy a shower for the military wholesale or retail online, with fast delivery to any region of Ukraine.

The cost of this product may depend on various factors: the quality of materials, chemical composition, sponge and towel sizes, type of packaging, brand and its popularity, country of origin. You can buy high-quality goods for tourism in stores from Ukrainian manufacturers. Our manufacturers have learned not only to make competitive products, but also to present them well on the market. The tourist shower has a lot of positive feedback from the military and others, so it is a very popular product in the hygiene department.