Today, buying a dry shower is an indispensable solution for acquiring a product that, even in difficult conditions, allows you to ensure convenience, comfort and hygiene procedures in conditions where it is very difficult or almost impossible to do so. In addition to the military, tourists, travelers who plan to spend several days on the road, or parents who are traveling with children and want to provide hygiene conditions even where there is no shower, bath or bathhouse.

What is a military shower and how does it work?

The main task of the product is to ensure that the body is cleaned, including in intimate places, without leaving an invisible film or the feeling of clogged pores. As a result, it allows you to feel fresh and light, and the skin to maintain the right pH level and microflora balance. Next, let's look at how a travel shower works and why it's worth buying.

The principle of operation is simple. The individual package contains a sponge soaked in a special solution. It contains the following components:

  • lauryl sulfate, which is responsible for the formation of a thick foam;
  • methylisothiazolinone additionally moisturizes and gently cleanses;
  • dinitrium cocoamphodiacetate disinfects, which is important in conditions where it is not possible to take a bath or a classic running shower regularly;
  • citric acid to ensure freshness and delicate care of the epidermis;

After opening the package, take out the sponge and pour 25 ml of warm water on it. You can also dip the sponge into a bowl and soak it. Then, in the palms of your hands, whip it into a thick lather and start your hygiene session. It is convenient, especially when it is cold or uncomfortable to perform the procedure, to first take off your clothes, for example, from your legs and wash your body there, then put on fresh clothes on a clean body and repeat the procedure on your torso and arms.

It is important that the chemical composition is absolutely safe for the skin, so you can use a disposable washcloth even if you have dry or sensitive skin, or if you have scratches or other damage. You will not face the fact that redness or areas of discomfort will appear after the procedure.

Buying a disposable shower is a good idea, proven by time and extreme conditions

Even a small amount of water immediately triggers the chemical composition of the sponge impregnation. The foam is quite thick, gentle and can remove various types of dirt, especially sweat and the unpleasant odor it causes.

The next step is to remove the foam from the skin surface with a special towel. The Estem towel is made of spunlace, a modern, durable, quite pleasant to the touch material characterized by the following aspects

  • It absorbs foam well;
  • does not leave a filmy feeling on the skin surface;
  • does not tear in the hands;
  • absorbs moisture delicately and quickly, so the body immediately feels clean and fresh.

The towel is so pleasant and gentle that even after wiping the baby's skin, you will not see any signs of inflammation, redness, or peeling.

The fiber fabric absorbs moisture very quickly, but at the same time allows you to keep it inside the epidermis.

After hygiene procedures, the skin is not only clean, but also protected by special disinfectants. This is important when traveling by train, car, or in dugouts, trenches, while traveling in the forest, mountains, where there is not a lot of water and other hygiene conditions.

Field shower and its advantages

  1. The minimum amount of water to use, while creating a good cleansing effect.
  2. Can be used to care for all parts of the body.
  3. Individual packaging for personal use.
  4. Simultaneous cleansing, disinfection, drying and retention of the right amount of moisture in the skin.
  5. Can be used to care for patients who are lying in bed and it is quite difficult to lift them for a bath or shower.