Today, a foam sponge is a fairly popular tool for hygiene procedures in environments where there is no bathtub, stationary running shower, or where it is difficult to heat water. Ukrainian and foreign brands offer a travel shower that you can choose and order, having previously determined the product that is best for you. In this article, we'll discuss what buyers look for when choosing a product and how to choose the one that best suits you.

Buy a disposable shower with a price in mind

Online store catalogs and offline store shelves offer products with different prices. The final price tag is influenced by the following aspects:

  • quality of materials
  • chemical composition;
  • size of the sponge or towel
  • type of packaging
  • brand popularity;
  • country of origin.

Plus, as a rule, there are discounts and promotions, especially when it comes to bulk orders.

Choosing a disposable full-body shower based on the package

In addition to the options with only a sponge soaked in a special composition, a towel is often packaged in an individual package to wipe the foam off the body surface. If you don't have a towel, you can use additional wet wipes, but this is not entirely convenient. The individual package is easy to open, because there is a special fragment that you can pull to open it.

Choosing a military shower, taking into account the size of the sponge

As a rule, the product is presented with a rectangular sponge, which is convenient for whipping the foam in the palms of your hands and for wiping the surface of the epidermis. Traditionally, the sponge has a rectangular shape, with a length of 15-20 cm and a width of 10-15 cm, respectively. The towel may be slightly larger in size, as it should absorb the foam well, leaving the skin clean but properly moisturized. This is important for the further formation of air exchange and skin pH.

Disposable full body shower and types of packaging

Packaging can be transparent or opaque. But it is quite convenient when the package has a special clasp to open it quickly. As a rule, the packaging material does not allow moisture to pass through, protects the sponge or towel from contact with external moisture and other components.

Be sure to pay attention to the chemical composition indicated on the packaging. Plus, it may also indicate whether the product is certified by the relevant authorities in Ukraine and the EU. Age restrictions may also be indicated, although professional series do not have them.

Quality sponge shower and pH value

It is extremely important to know what pH level a hygiene product provides. The lower it is, the better the product is for delicate, sensitive skin and can be used to clean intimate areas. The norm for the epidermis is 5.5, however, many products have a pH of 3.8-4.0, which is especially necessary if you plan to use a derivative hygiene product to care for a child or a patient with limited mobility.

It is profitable to order a travel shower in Ukraine based on reviews

If you are buying a product for the first time for yourself, or to find out what people who have bought it, constantly or occasionally use it, say about it. The following aspects are noted in the comments:

  • how well it copes with dirt, sweat odor;
  • how quickly the foam forms, how thick and gentle it is at the same time;
  • whether it leaves a trace, aroma on the body;
  • whether there are irritations, redness.

We recommend choosing a set that does not contain artificial intense flavors or dyes, as they can provoke clogged pores, a feeling that something remains on the body and it is not fully washed. Using sponges with impregnation, which creates foam even when a small amount of water gets in, we can additionally massage the body to activate the movement of lymph and blood.