A compact, high-quality, and functional dry shower is an indispensable option for ensuring hygiene in places where there is no access to running water and no way to heat it. In addition, it is necessary to provide either a water tank or, for example, a bathtub where you can pour liquid. More and more often, customers are deciding to buy a travel shower, especially when it comes to using it outdoors, in the woods or mountains.

Buy a disposable shower for traveling: 5 main reasons

  1. Convenient and comfortable packaging that does not take up much space in your backpack and weighs almost nothing, which is especially important when you carry it in your hand luggage on an airplane or go on a long trip and every gram is important and felt on your back.
  2. Does not require a lot of water for full use. Yes, just 50 ml of water is enough and you can enjoy your hygiene routine. Let's imagine a situation where there is no body of water on the route, and therefore you take water with you, and therefore finding 50 ml is not a problem. If there's a stream, river, or lake nearby, you can take water and enjoy the purity of your body.
  3. The ability to heat the water to make bathing more comfortable, especially when it's cool outside. You can easily heat up a small amount of water in a mug on a campfire or in a camp kettle.
  4. Estem sponge allows you to organize hygienic procedures both in the open air and, for example, in a hut, tent, or dugout. It's convenient that you can wash your body in stages, for example, by first cleaning your hands and torso, then putting on clean clothes, and then doing the same with your feet. The safe composition of the detergent allows it to be used for cleaning intimate areas. It does not leave an uncomfortable burning sensation or dirt.
  5. Pleasant price, especially when it comes to a Ukrainian manufacturer. At the same time, the quality of the product remains high. Therefore, it is profitable to buy a disposable shower both in a single and wholesale order.

Who often orders dry showers for the military?

In addition to tourists who take sachet bags with them when traveling, the product is also in demand by defenders who buy it themselves or receive it from volunteers. A significant advantage: in conditions of limited water supply, lack of water supply through showers, or the ability to collect it in the bathroom, it is possible to maintain the necessary hygiene regime, which is very important from the point of view of protection against infectious and viral diseases.

A disposable full-body shower for traveling is a practical solution

In addition to being ordered by tourists conquering mountain peaks, forest trails, or traveling along the shores of lakes and seas, the product is also bought by people who plan to travel for a long time by train, car, or bus and will not have the conditions to take a proper shower along the route. Moreover, disposable showers are optimal for adults and children, so if you are planning to travel with a child, for example, by train or car, and do not plan to spend the night in hotels or campsites, an individual sachet pack is exactly what you need for good hygiene and protection of children's delicate skin.

Buy a travel shower - a proven solution

In addition to the compact size of the package, light weight and ease of use, other advantages of the product should be highlighted:

  • It copes well with dirt on the skin, removing sweat and unpleasant odors;
  • does not leave a superficial trace that does not allow the skin to breathe normally;
  • does not clog pores or cause discomfort.

That's why a hygiene pack that is almost completely ready to use is an indispensable item for both long and short trips, which will help you get rid of dirt and feel comfortable without visiting a bathhouse, sauna, or running shower.