Active recreation and tourism is an integral part of many people's lives. Going on a trip and organizing a vacation in one or another pleasant place is one of the main goals for a vacation. It can be difficult to think ahead, so it is worth starting with basic needs and their fulfillment. Think through what you will eat, drink and how you will look after yourself. This last point is difficult to implement in a relatively field environment, so it requires special preparation and care. The skin protects the body from harmful microorganisms and regulates body temperature. Timely removal of dust, and dirt helps the skin fulfill its function. Hygiene in the hike - a component on which depends on the mood, comfort and overall mood of tourists. It is hard to overestimate such a component, because constant physical activity in hot or humid weather requires appropriate solutions. This is exactly what the dry shower option is, with the help of which you don't have to worry about how to wash yourself while camping, keeping yourself clean and in the right frame of mind.

Hygiene on a hike - with the help of what can be observed?

In the people there are many options for how you can ensure the cleanliness of the body and head. Someone bathes in the river, someone uses a bottle with pre-drawn water. It is also known method that consists in the use of wet wipes. Despite the popularity of these methods, they have their disadvantages, which are as follows:-pollution of the water of lakes, rivers and other bodies of water.-Bottles with liquids for skin care of the body and head in the right amount will add weight, which will be unnecessary during a hike or a long hike. Moreover, the containers also take up a lot of space in a hiking backpack. -Wet wipes are an option that does not remove germs 100%. Their composition does not allow to fully wash off dirt and dust from the skin. In due course, the sponge does not wash off the lipid film, does not dry it, but on the contrary protects it. In addition, they are often made of plastic, which negatively affects the environment.Personal hygiene on a hike is recommended with the help of a modern alternative - a foam sponge. Its cost is affordable to everyone, and its use will bring not only a sense of cleanliness, but also comfort.

What advantages own the means that provide hygiene on a hike?

Sponges with foam are superior to other means of care in many aspects. Among the advantages it is worth noting the hypoallergenic component, which is achieved by applying dental gel. Interesting is the fact that such a device was intended for patients and elderly people who were in a nursing home. Due to its convenience and functionality, the sponge became popular among the military, tourists, athletes. -The attribute is compact, which contributes to convenient placement in a bag or backpack.-Ease of use also pleases users. For a complete dry shower, you need to take it out of the package, pour up to 50 ml of water. Then you should lather it up and start cleansing your body with the foam. At the final stage, you can not rinse off the foam, but limit yourself to a towel or other components of the kit. The advantage is that you are not threatened by soapy streaks.-The product has no age restrictions, so you can use the sponge to care for even small children.-The product meets the norms of manufacturing, has confirmation in the form of quality certificates that meet the standards of the European Union. Give preference to reliable and proven methods that can protect and clean your body. Knowing how to wash up while camping, you are ready for any adventure and will be able to take care of cleanliness.