The modern world has all the necessary benefits of civilization: tap water (shower), electricity (light), and heat in homes. But people often travel and in many cases do not have the opportunity to take a proper shower - long business trips, long tourist routes, overnight hikes, car and train travel. It is in such cases that foam sponges may come in handy - an innovative invention of mankind to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the body. A disposable shower is an essential item for a soldier in the field, where there is often no hot or cold water.

Disposable foam sponge - characteristics and uses

The first model of the Estem sponge is called Military, and its main purpose is to be used in natural conditions, where it can be very useful. From the name, we can conclude that these products were developed specifically for people liable for military service. It is the military who fully understand what a lack of basic hygiene is. The Estem sponge will save a soldier from the feeling of constant dirt on his skin and the discomfort it can cause. The New Military shower sponge, on the other hand, has its own peculiarities - this product is equipped with water.

These foam sponges have some advantages:

  • a more advanced version;
  • effectiveness of the product;
  • ease of use.

There are different situations in life, and no matter what conditions you find yourself in, everyone needs a shower. Despite the fact that disposable foam sponges are no longer a novelty on the public market, not everyone knows about this personal care product. The product is a small sponge, about the size of a human palm. To make the hygiene product, fiber or polyurethane fabric is used, which is impregnated with a special neutral pH gel. The foam sponge is packaged in a sealed plastic bag and comes with a disposable towel and a sachet of water.

Buy a travel shower, prices and delivery

You can always buy a dry shower in any store. It is available both online and offline. Stores that sell goods for tourism and the military always have a good assortment of various hygiene products. That is why dry showers are not a scarce commodity.

Military hygiene is not the least important, so showers are usually purchased in large quantities. If you decide to buy goods in an online store, delivery by any transportation company to different regions of the country is always possible. The website of the chosen company has managers who are ready to advise and help with any questions.

Before buying anything, we recommend that you first look through the entire catalog of goods, find out more information, and only then place an order. You should also keep in mind that goods can be returned or exchanged, but not all of them and not always, so you need to know the laws.