Everyone has various situations when maintaining the required degree of body cleanliness can be a great challenge. In the process of tourism, long-term hiking, in trench conditions, when under no circumstances can you take water procedures. Also, bedridden people who are unable to wash and clean themselves up require professional hygiene. This issue can be solved with the help of the latest hygiene product - a dry shower that does not require rinsing. After taking a shower, the skin becomes clean and moisturized, and acquires a wonderful aroma.

Disposable shower and its main features

The use of disposable washcloths for cleaning has a whole list of advantages and the ability to save water, namely

  • Safety - unlike other cleaning products, the use of a foam sponge reduces the risk of fungal and infectious pathologies.
  • Functionality and practicality - the product can be used on any skin. It is advisable to buy a dry shower for cleansing the skin when traveling on business, on "sorties", a sponge can be useful in caring for patients who cannot stand up and in military field conditions.
  • Compactness - the product takes up minimal space and can be taken with you at any time.
  • Economical - fifty milliliters of water is enough to foam the sponge. An adult of average build uses a maximum of two sets to cleanse the entire body.
  • Environmental friendliness - high-quality raw materials are used to produce the sponge, which can be recycled.

When using a field shower, you should be aware of some specific features. The sponge should not be completely wet, otherwise it loses its effectiveness. After two weeks of daily use, you should take a full water shower. Therefore, you should take into account how long a military or tourist can stay without a full bath. When using a disposable full body shower, do not allow the foam to get into your eyes or mouth. The set should be kept out of the reach of children.

Foam sponges should be protected from temperature changes and direct sunlight. The human skin cleaner contains a sponge impregnated with a special gel, a small sachet with liquid and a disposable towel. The products are intended for use by the military, but a dry shower will also be useful in a camping trip, on a long journey, and will facilitate the care of a patient who is unable to get up.

Where to buy a disposable shower, prices and delivery methods

When using the product, you can use a small amount of liquid, which is very important in the field when you need to save water. Thanks to the use of natural fiber fabric, the lack of dyes and other toxic components, dry showers are available to owners of any skin type. Hygiene can even be used for newborns. The spunlace towel included in the set has antibacterial properties and absorbs moisture well. The disinfectant impregnated in the sponge has good healing properties. You can always buy a travel shower in the online store, where you can order goods with fast delivery to any region or city of Ukraine. All Estem products are certified in Ukraine.

Disposable shower for immobile patients, soldiers and guides - tested by professional dermatological services. The materials used in the preparation of the hygiene kit are adapted to the quality standards of the European Union. With new inventions for tourism, it is not so difficult to save water while hiking.