The immune system of a person who is constantly lying down is weak, so the skin is unable to provide a full protective function. It can lose elasticity, elasticity, change its texture, biological filling and pH are disturbed. Therefore, hygiene for bedridden patients should be studied in detail.

It is recommended to use professional personal hygiene products for bedridden patients. They are characterized by good washability from the skin, since it is not always possible to use running water. Some brands of cosmetic preparations offer foam sponges that can reduce itching, fight against diaper rash, provoke the formation of acid-alkaline balance at the level of 5.5.

Doctors emphasize the general principles by which a full hygiene of the patient should be carried out:

  1. Morning and evening washing of the neck and face, brushing teeth and mouth. Washing hands before each meal.
  2. Care of intimate areas as needed. Standard washing of the perineum from front to back 2 times a day.
  3. Cutting hand nails - once a week, hair - based on individual preference, but long hair is significantly inconsistent with the bedside cleanliness regimen.
  4. Head washing - 1-2 times a week.

Care and hygiene of bedridden patients requires additional devices to obtain quality results and simplify the procedure:

  • Non-alcohol moist towelettes, specialized versions for intimate places are possible, dry paper tissues and towels, disposable shower;
  • Sponges, tampons, cotton swabs;
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwashes, floss;
  • Latex disposable medical gloves;
  • Set of tools for manicure, pedicure, removal of burrs, rough skin;
  • Inflatable bathtubs under the head and the whole body; Absorbent diapers, diapers, pads;
  • Devices for the reception of feces, antiseptic, trash bags.

How to properly perform bathing of bedridden patients?

Hygiene products for bedridden patients are selected depending on the mobility potential of the person.It is easier if the bathing procedure takes place in the bathroom. For this purpose, ladders, ladders, stands, chairs are used, on which the person is placed.Personal hygiene of a patient paralyzed, who is constantly in a lying position, is possible near the bed, where an inflatable rubber tank for water is installed. It can be of different design. The inflatable parts are designed to support body parts. However, this procedure is done once every 7 days.

Daily body washing consists of wet wiping with plain water or a dry shower. According to the doctor's recommendations, hypoallergenic hygiene products for bedridden patients are used. Kiev has many options, so the selection of suitable preparations will not take much time.

Care and hygiene for bedridden patients: describe in detail

It is important to treat each external organ or part of the body. What we do not give importance to in personal washing, turns out to be important for the dependent person. Asking the question "how to wash a bedridden person?" - it requires full quality care from the caregiver.


Washing the head is enough once a week, if there are no prescriptions from medics to do it more often. It is enough to sit the ward and bend his head over a bowl or an inflatable form with a notch for the neck, bring warm water and shampoo. The shoulders are covered with a towel, so as not to soak the whole body.Men and women need regular combing of the hair on the head, as massage with a comb stimulates the activation of blood flow and the supply of oxygen to the brain.


This organ requires daily treatment with boiled water. They are wiped with cotton sponges 2 times a day.


Goods for the hygiene of bedridden patients include a manicure kit. It is better to cut the nails on the hands and feet after a hot shower. You can not cut the nail plate too short. After each procedure, mandatory treatment of tools with alcohol.

Mouth cavity

To treat the teeth and oral cavity, it is necessary to lift the person minimally. It is enough to sit in a semi-reclining position. On the chest under the chin put a towel under the chin and use specialized hygiene products for bedridden patients. Buy such preparations can be in narrowly focused stores. It is convenient to form a general purchase on the site, where descriptions of all items are available. Many such points of sale deliver goods to the hands of the buyer.

Sexual external organs

Washing the perineum requires careful care for bedridden patients. Hygiene products have antibacterial properties, are designed to neutralize the environment on the mucous membranes. They should not be applied daily. After emptying and cleaning the skin, the perineum is necessarily dried.

The bedridden patient: hygiene with a dry shower

This method of care is relevant in many cases. Especially today there are developed variants that soap up with a small amount of water. The foam is enough to remove with a towel. It does not cause irritation, well washes away pathogenic flora. Neutralization of the detergent occurs independently. It has a small decay period. In the main